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Car Insurance

Covering drivers in Australia with tailored coverage.

Even to the best of us drivers, car accidents unfortunately can happen, which is why car insurance is important for everyone. Car insurance should never just be seen as an extra expense towards your vehicle; it is a policy to ensure that in the event of an accident, damages to your vehicle or the other person's vehicle are covered.

At AI Insurance, we really understand the importance of car insurance and the emotional attachment to your car, which is why we endeavour to not only cover our clients, but partner them in their vehicle ownership and the risks that may arise. Offering a range of car insurance policies to suit your needs, such as comprehensive car insurance, economy cover insurance and platinum cover insurance, you are sure to find the tailored insurance to suit your needs and lifestyle.

For more information regarding our services or for a quote on your car insurance, contact us on 1300 003 303.

AI Insurance Holdings Pty Limited ABN 78 135 243 364 AFSL No: 379465 is an Australian Financial Services Licensee authorised to deal in and provide general advice on general insurance products. We have been authorised by the insurer Hollard to act on its behalf to deal in and provide general advice and handle and settle claims in relation to Car Insurance products underwritten by Hollard. We have a binding authority which means we can enter into, vary or cancel Car Insurance policies and handle and settle claims without reference to Hollard provided we act within the binding authority. Any advice here does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs, which you should consider before acting on our recommendations. You should read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding whether to acquire any product mentioned here. Available at AI Insurance Pty Limited share in any underwriting profit with the insurer.

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