For easy reference, we have compiled a list of useful things to know, based on actual questions that we are frequently asked.


Who underwrites your policies?

AI Insurance is underwritten by Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 83 169 311 193 | AFS Licence No. 523921).


Do your policies have a cooling-off period?

Yes, all of our insurance products include a 14 day cooling off period. During this period you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund (less any taxes or charges we are not able to recover) unless you have made a claim.


How do I cancel my Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?


Can I choose a repairer for my car?


What if someone makes a claim against me?


What do I do if I need to lodge a claim?


Do you offer agreed or market value policies?


How do I renew my Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?


What happens if I fall behind in my payments?


Do all drivers need to be listed on my policy?


How can I reduce my monthly premium?


What is an excess?



How do I make changes to my Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?


Why do I need to log in?


What are the benefits of managing my policy online?


How do I get copies of my policy documentation?


How do I make a claim?


Can I submit a claim after business hours?


Can I pay for my insurance monthly?


Do you accept American Express or Diner’s Club?


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